LOTO Equipment

What is Lock-Out Tag-Out?

Lockout prevents accidents in the workplace by completely and temporarily isolating the power supply to the machines. This procedure and associated tools prevent movement and accidental re-energization of machines during maintenance operations.

The consignment thus allows avoid maintenance accidents related to power supply. In addition, its visual presence in the workplace helps to encourage a strong safety culture aimed at guaranteeing the safety of each employee every day.

Blocking access to all energy source control points

Access to all energy source isolation points can be temporarily blocked with our full range of dedicated logging devices. The points of isolation from the energy sources are in particular the fuses, buttons, valves, levers and other systems that control the flow of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, thermal, gravitational and stored energy, as well as liquid and gaseous chemicals, hot surfaces and substances. All of them can be disabled and their access can be locked during maintenance.

  • Lockout systems dedicated to the electricity market

  • Valve lockout systems

  • Chains

  • Cable locking systems

  • Guards for confined spaces

  • Lockout/Tagout Jaws

  • Lockout stations

  • Group Lockout Boxes

  • Lockout Tags

The world's best security padlocks

Lock lockout devices easily and reliable in order to effectively secure the isolated state of a machine until all maintenance workers have finished their intervention. Brady offers a range of security padlock of quality suitable for any consignment program.

The cadenas SafeKey are equipped with a device for key retainer and available in versions optimized for your lockout applications, they allow you to implement sophisticated and scalable lockout programs.

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