Operational Excellence

The disruption caused by COVID-19 raises how critical it is for businesses to achieve excellence in End-to-End operations, given the potential gains in efficiency, agility and performance. Africa Sustainable Performance helps its clients achieve the operational innovation necessary to meet this imperative.

Excellence in cost containment goes beyond simple cost reduction measures. End-to-End Operational Excellence (E2E) can offer very tangible added value to businesses, including a 5-15% increase in EBITA; cost reductions of 5 to 10% of procurement expenses from third parties and a reduction of 50 to 80% of the carbon footprint.

We help our clients achieve these gains by increasing efficiency and effectiveness at key stages of the value chain of their operations. We also help our customers, through our holistic and integrated approach, to transform the value chain to improve service and quality, reduce costs and control risks.

Make operational excellence a reality.

By working closely with clients, we start by listening and analyzing your entire organization in order to identify critical operational objectives, strengths and gaps, and thus better target areas for growth. This analysis allows us to help you better integrate a first-rate operational structure that meets your challenges with minimal disruption to ongoing operations. We go even further by incorporating the skills upgrading and cultural changes that are necessary to ensure lasting success.

By setting up a dynamic of Operational Excellence, companies can achieve substantial gains in several areas:

  • Improved productivity with better optimized production capacities and reduced Muda;
  • Improvement of product quality;
  • Improved maintenance and reliability translates into reduced downtime, better predictability and lower failure rate;
  • High safety performance including aspects related to process safety;
  • A significant reduction in the carbon footprint by acting in particular on energy consumption;
  • Efficiency of the supply chain via better structured purchasing processes, reduction of raw materials and more precise inventories.

We welcome the opportunity to show you how our solutions can help you optimize resources - whether human, material, energy or capital - to achieve the highest possible productivity.

    Production Systems

    Integrated production systems are the best way to achieve operational excellence with lasting results. We build on your existing processes, infuse best practices and improvements in the field and strengthen your capabilities to take your organization to the next stage of operational excellence. Our systems approach leads to tangible improvements in performance and culture.


    All companies face an increasingly complex, uncertain and competitive environment. Yet few of them have achieved the full potential for optimization. By implementing data-driven processes, we help you improve the availability, maintenance and reliability, efficiency and productivity of your assets while influencing organizational culture.

    Data Science

    Companies that collect and analyze their data identify new levers for improving performance. We work with you to formulate hypotheses, identify correlations and trends, make predictions to put untapped performance pools into perspective and we help you ralise them in a systemic and sustainable way.