Job Cycle Check

Job Cycle Check

The JCC, a tool of Operational Excellence, effective in strengthening leadership, aligning perception and practices and ensuring risk control.

Le Job Cycle Check Check (JCC) is a cooperative supervisor-collaborator review process of a collaborator's ability to carry out a critical task in relation to a procedure, high-risk job or maintenance operation through observation or questioning.

Benefits of the TCG

  • Validate in the field the compliance of operating practices with procedures and operating methods; and increase their consistency.
  • Validate the skills of operators performing critical tasks or operations
  • Increase consistency in the execution of tasks between all the personnel of a team, unit or entity.
  • Identify gaps in order to develop plans to improve the skills of operators.
  • Improve operating methods through relevant feedback from the field
  • Discover and master hidden dangers

The JCC, an effective field tool to strengthen operational discipline and safety culture within each organization.


ASP supports you through its training and coaching program in the operational / system implementation of the Job Cycle Check tool.

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