Le Dialogue Sécurité

Safety Talk

Understanding why employees want to stay safe is key to any behavior change. The benefits of an engaged and risk-aware culture are many: more productive employees, improved safety, reduced costs, and increased competitiveness – just to name a few.

Improving your safety culture involves working with employees to improve their mindset and behaviors at work and at home. And that starts with getting your workers to see safety – and talk about it with each other.

Strengthen your safety culture with The Safety Dialogue.

The Safety Dialogue has helped thousands of organizations empower their employees and enrich organizational culture through active safety observations based on interactive, honest and thoughtful dialogue.

In addition to teaching employees to observe safety aspects in real work situations, the real benefit of the Safety Dialogue lies in the conversation. By engaging in positive discussions, employees are encouraged to understand why their colleagues want to be safe - and in some cases understand the reasons behind unsafe behavior. Knowing what motivates everyone in the way they do their job leads to impactful conversations that touch hearts and minds - and ultimately improve behavior when it comes to risk.

The Safety Dialogue is a structured process :

safety talk dialogue sécurité


The benefits expected from the deployment of the standard:

  • Prevent incidents and accidents;
  • Demonstrate the commitment and exemplarity of the hierarchy through constant and visible involvement in the field;
  • Increase the OHS awareness (think before you act) of all managers and employees;
  • Increase OHS skills and correct bad behavior (through a good understanding of rules and procedures);
  • Motivate teams

ASP supports you through its training and coaching program in the operational / system implementation of the Safety Dialogue.

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