Lockout Equipment: Guaranteeing Safety in Industry

In any industrial environment, safety is a top priority. Lockout equipment plays a crucial role in protecting workers and preventing accidents. At ASP, we understand the vital importance of this equipment and are committed to providing high-quality lockout solutions to meet the specific needs of your business.

Main Lockout Devices

1. Circuit Breaker Lockout (Circuit Breaker Block)
Circuit breaker interlocks allow circuit breakers to be locked out to prevent accidental switching on during maintenance operations. They are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to fit different types of circuit breakers.
2. Consignment padlock
Lockout padlocks provide additional security by locking lockout devices in place. They usually have unique keys or combination locking mechanisms to ensure restricted access.
3. Consignment Labels
Consignment labels are used to visually mark equipment undergoing maintenance or repair. They provide clear instructions and warnings to keep workers safe.
4. Log Blocks
Lockout blocks are physical devices that prevent the movement or operation of equipment during maintenance operations. They are often used in conjunction with other logging devices for maximum security.

Customized Solutions for All Sectors

Whether you work in construction, the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, rail or other sectors, we have the lockout equipment to suit your specific needs. Our experts can help you choose the appropriate lockout devices for each piece of equipment to be locked out, taking into account factors such as size, complexity and potential risks.

Compliance with Safety Standards

All our lockout equipment complies with the strictest safety standards, ensuring their reliability and effectiveness in protecting workers. We follow the guidelines of European EN standards and American ANSI standards to ensure optimal safety in the workplace.

Commitment to Safety

At ASP, we are committed to providing superior lockout solutions to keep your staff safe. Contact us today to learn more about our lockout equipment and how we can help you maintain a safe and protected work environment.

  • Lockout systems dedicated to the electricity market

  • Valve lockout systems

  • Chains

  • Cable locking systems

  • Guards for confined spaces

  • Lockout/Tagout Jaws

  • Lockout stations

  • Group Lockout Boxes

  • Lockout Tags

Blocking access to all energy source control points

Access to all energy source isolation points can be temporarily blocked with our full range of dedicated logging devices. The points of isolation from the energy sources are in particular the fuses, buttons, valves, levers and other systems that control the flow of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, thermal, gravitational and stored energy, as well as liquid and gaseous chemicals, hot surfaces and substances. All of them can be disabled and their access can be locked during maintenance.

What is Lock-Out Tag-Out?

Lockout prevents accidents in the workplace by completely and temporarily isolating the power supply to the machines. This procedure and associated tools prevent movement and accidental re-energization of machines during maintenance operations.

The consignment thus allows avoid maintenance accidents related to power supply. In addition, its visual presence in the workplace helps to encourage a strong safety culture aimed at guaranteeing the safety of each employee every day.

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